Attractions in Volgograd +7 (8442)
  • The Volga Hydroelectric Station or Volga GES

    Volga GES strikes by its power and the scale of construction. More than 130 million m3 of excavations, 5 462 000 m3 of reinforced concrete installation and 85 000 tons of metalwork and mechanisms installation and maintenance was completed during its construction.

    The power plant consists of a 736-metre long building with trash rack structures, a 725-metre long, 44-metre high concrete dam with fishery paths drive. Supporting it is a 3250-metre long landfilled dam with a maximum height of 47 metres. There are also the left bank riverbed landfilled dam, divided by the gateways into two parts and two parallel double-lift locks. The Station also offers railway and road crossings of the Volga.